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2021 News Update 1st EDITION Spring Opening
Year of the OX
(Covid-19 thriving & still bigger'n Dallas

Once again it's almost Spring, once again it's Spring News Issue #1
The everyone anxiously awaits issue

Season #18 Introduction

The Proprietor's #1 item on his top ten To Do List 2021 is to be nicer
and #2 is to back off. Read Fall-Winter #2 issue for the other 8 items.

Kids have been a problem the last couple seasons. No sense in
discussing why, but as stated above the Proprietor will be nice and
reverse his decision not allowing kids in the shop period anymore to
maybe it's OK by appointment only. How many in party? Do you
have kids? How old? Will you be supervising them? (just kidding)

No dogs allowed. Sorry. 7 feral cats rule the Rock Shop grounds.

The Shop is scheduled to open daily March ? thru October 31st.
with no set daily hours due to continued concern over Covid-19.
Please call us in advance and schedule an appointment. Drive by
stops are OK when the shop door is open, but it's better to call 1st.

The same Covid-19 precautions as last year will apply. Visitation
requires a face mask covering your nose and mouth at all times,
shoes, shirt, social distancing, stay away if you are sick, wash your
hands and if possible get vaccinated before visiting. No more than
6 customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time. Kids must
be supervised at all times, there is a 6 person shop limit, pets and
firearms are prohibited.

Vaccination • Visitation • Vacation

Chances are Utah's State and National Parks & Monuments visitation
record for this season will be up from last year. Who cares. Get your
two Covid-19 vaccinations, a face mask, a social distance hiking stick
& some hand sanitizer. Then come down and get yourself lost in the
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It's offering clean air,
blue skies, marzy landscapes, solitude, social distancing room with
plenty of rocks and canyons. Forget the National Parks with the crowds
and traffic.

Rumor has it the new Government Administration might return the
public lands the last administration took away. Wouldn't that be grand?
It's the right time to protect, respect and save more of those public lands.

Marketing Spiel Section

Visit The Rock Shop for rocks, fossils, minerals, jewelry, gemstones, crystals

Escalante Outfitters downtown Escalante for
lodging, supplies, coffee, baked goods, pizza, food &
custom t-shirts, hoodies and embroidered hats

RogueWrx for sunglasses, watches, leather bags

ScottzRox Adult T-shirts & Women's Cap Sleeves
Still a couple dozen in stock

Scottzrox t-shirt escalante, utah Escalante Rock Shop Logo

New News

Escalante Rock Shop fine art gallery
"entrance not for everybody • for madmen only"
Scottzrox art

More Rock Marketing Spiel

The Rock Shop is over board with great rocks, eclectic jewelry and fine
art for 2021. If you can't make it out this season, you can always order
via phone or click on the web page paypal button under the specimen.

Below are a few favorite specimen links

Southern Utah Cycad (Cycadeoidea) cut & polished specimens

utah cycad (cycadeoidea) petrified wood specimen

S. Utah Petrified Wood

Utah Morrison Petrified Wood Cut & Polished Slabs

Deming, NM Agate

Deming Agate cut & polished gem specimen

Looking for something else or a similar out of stock item?
There is a shop full of somethings else's and boxes on the shelves
contain all similar specimens, many with pics & prices already.
email me:

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