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News 2022 EDITION 2
End of Season 2022


Escalante Rock Shop Season #19 2022 - went by and ended
faster & better than a 1st class Paris to Berlin eurail ride.

International travelers were back. No facemasks, etc.

Thank you to everyone who visited the shop and had a good time this year.
The place rocked out even when it was closed. The shop was so full of new
petrified wood specimens it almost tipped over from the weight. People
were sneaking & crawling under the flakey barb wire gate to get in. Sometimes
it looked like a challenge to get hung up on the barbs. It might be time for an
update to 5 foot cattle swing gate for better control and not so many signs.

Interesting were the scribbled names and difficult to read email addresses
left in the guest book, a pretty good indication nobody wants unwanted spam.
The comments & emoji's were great. One comment gave "Blues Music"
web links and remarks like "Slow the flow, man" & "Blues is forever,
etc." with music notes and chords taking up half the page (just kidding).

The shop received Its first 1 Star google rating review because Shop opened,
then it closed, then opened again, then it closed for lunch, re-opened again
and finally closed for the day, all in a day. The good news was the disgruntled
reviewer read the signs.

One person stopped, not sure if three Closed and one No Trespassing
signs were read but he entered anyway. He knocked on the private home
door, not part of the shop by the way, and when no one answered,
went to help himself. Yeah, too many people nowadays.
Screws up the fun of it.

An updated new Museum specimens page is currently in the polish
stage of production for winter holiday orders. These came from a
50 year collection of rough & unusual stashed specimens. You won't
want to miss buying them out. Check back in a few weeks.

We Have More Rocks To Sell • More Rocks to Advertise

The web site pages continue to be updated. Check back often.

From the Blues Forest Guy:
Check out these Blue Forest specimens
(Some of best in stock)
New cut & polished Slabs & Miscellaneous specimens pages.

Our outstanding semi-precious stone cabochons are here for all the
rock, gem, jewelry and lapidary artists. Click links below to view cab trays.
us for information/prices/other cabochons in stock.

Cabochon Display Cases
Variscite, Tiffany Stone, Sonora Sunrise, Chrysocolla, Dinosaur Bone,
Bumblebee Jasper, Picasso Marble, Jade, Obsidian, Lepedolite, Kaleidoscope Stone,
Rhodanite, Azurite

And remember the Shaman Stones (The Rover found them on Mars you know)
/ Moqui Marbles to stay grounded. They work. It's true, I read it on the internet...

questions, pictures or what it is you are looking for. for Eclectic Jewelry.

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because google doesn't and check out facebook/escalante rock shop.
It has a fine 19 year of fine specimens rock art gallery.

Saludos & Paz


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