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(1of 2 editions this year - but maybe only this one)

It is Escalante Rock Shop’s Season# 20. A gemstone year. Returning celebration customers are already at the gate,
calling to make sure the shop will be open and the proprietor will be around for his planned (with new chalk board)
daily rock show. There is good news on that front. It appears he’ll be around outside the shop, slowing & directing
traffic to the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park Campground. This is where the State recently wiped out about 25
acres of natures wildlife habitat to make way for the Zion/Moab Truck, ATV, RV & Trailer overflow crowds looking
for their reserved asphalt driveways here, instead of there. There isn’t a stick, bush or tree left standing, making room
for those asphalt drives but here is plenty of sand left to fill the Reservoir in the event it rains forty days and forty nights.
30 new campsite hookups, first in line to 1000’s of gallons of city water in a drought stricken area. Imagine that.


From a white with yellow trim painted tool shed, a couple wooden spools, access to free discarded sawmill wood, a fifty
year rough rock collector’s collection or two, a rock artist associate, an illegal arrow sign on highway12 and about $.50
in pocket change to:

This year’s New & Improved 20th Year Rock Shop Museum & Jewelry Gallery - Stocked to the max with product
seeking new homes, 10,000 rock stories, enough jpg’s to fill up googles rock image pages, 3 webpages, 2 official Utah
highway12 signs, 2,000 rack cards, tech gear, links, apps, 5 star google rankings/ratings, map & directions and $.50 in
tied up pocket change, left after the tourist insurance premium.

One knows a hobby is a small business when insurance, signs and county variance ordinances become part of the scene
and vacations to the beach become “Did we really do that?” memories. But who wants to get on a freeway to get to the
airport, to catch a plane, to get to a populated beach today anyway? Not like the old days of 4 billion less people and
one couldn’t wait to get in a car, on a plane or jump a train and find a beach no ones ever heard of. Eh?

This is about as much a greeting and history that could be conjured this time around. For more local lowdown drop by
the shop if you get out Escalante way. Bob Marley & Jah will be playing in the background helping to slow the overflow
traffic arriving from Zion, Moab and the proprietor in reggae mode.


There is plenty of store product and product surprises in store to accommodate everyone this season. We kinda went
overboard with plenty 2023 local rocks. Many fine specimens from the stash barrels were selected, cut and polished this
winter. So bring your I-Phone / PayPal app, cash or checkbook and leave the pets, crying babies/young children
home. A Waiver is the new read at the entrance gate accompanying the signs no firearms, pets, small children,
enter here, park there, do this, do that. There may be need for the Zion/Moab Truck, ATV, RV & Trailer overflow
crowds signs next. Then again . . .

All the new specimens (and a national news reading withdrawal rehab program completed) inspired a move on this end,
from a few eBay listings account to opening an eBay Store. New listings are added weekly. Currently 85% listed is vintage
jewelry but rocks & minerals are in the photo stages. By next season the store should have 300 new rock listings
and the Escalante Petrified Wood eBay market.

The eBay link is:

The rock shop webpage is current: or

The jewelry webpage is current.

Check us out on facebook/escalanterockshop. It has a 20 year fine rocks gallery.

Peace isn’t happening in our world lately (or ever) but, we have peace t-shirts anyway:

Thanks to all who still read & trash these (1-2) yearly news update (s) and opt-not to drop off the list, our regular
customers, collectors & suppliers who keep the season gate open.

Email us if you receive this news update more than once.

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Nos vemos pronto
Saludos & Paz


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