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Over 135 million years ago, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, was closer to the equator and tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area. The plant life consisted mostly of cycads, ferns and conifers. The earth was geologically unstable. Floods and erosion would uproot trees and plants depositing them in flood plains and along sand bars. Later, volcanic ash covered the area.

In order for the trees to petrify, they had to be buried quickly with mud and silt to eliminate oxygen which would cause them to deteriorate. Ground water rich in silicon dioxide and other chemicals would saturate the buried trees. The reds, browns and yellows result primarily from compounds of iron, while manganese and other minerals account for the purples and dark blues. Through a mineralization process on the cellular level, and by silicon dioxide acting as a cementing agent, the wood became petrified. This process took millions of years!

This area lies within the Colorado Plateau, which has been uplifting for about 40 million years. These upheavals of the earths crust break the logs into irregular sections and exposes them to the forces of erosion. After being exposed the logs are further cracked and broken by the effects of freezing and thawing water that seeps into the cracks.

utah petrified opal wood Real fine.
Item #1-GML
Northern Utah Common Opal Petrified Wood cut & polished specimen - Approx size 3" x 5" x 1.5" - 526 grams - $ SOLD

hubbard basin petrified wood WOW - won't last long at this price for this one
Item #6-BB
A "Standel" Hubbard Basin Nevada Petrified Wood cut & polished standup slab - Approx size 9" x 9.5" x 1.75" - 8 lbs - $ SOLD

oregon hoo doo petrified wood Whoa...What a Beauty - rare and structure!
Item #2-SLN
Oregon Petrified Hoo Doo Wood round specimen - Approx. size - 2.5" x 4" x 2" - 496.5 grams - $ SOLD

texas springs pink petrified wood limb cast A gallery favorite.
Item #5-SLN
Pink Crooked Creek Oregon Petrified Wood cast specimen - Approx size 2" x 3" x 2.5" - 273.5 grams - $ SOLD

Hubbard Basin, NV petrified wood slab WOW too
Item #14-BB
Awesome Hubbard Basin Nevada Petrified Wood cut & polished standup slab - Approx size 7" x 10" x .5-2"(taper) - 4 lbs - $ SOLD

utah opal petrified wood ...A Gem, doesn't come any prettier.
Item #7-GML
Awesome gemlike opal Utah Petrified Wood contour polished specimen - Approx. size - 2.5" x 4.5" x 2.5" - 1.25 lbs - $ 80.00

texas springs petrfied pink wood We like it.
Item #8-GML
Outstanding Texas Springs Nevada Petrified Wood pink quartz polished limb cast - Approx. size - 1" x 1" x 2" - 77.5 grams - $ 28.00

texas springs nevada petrified wood specimen Collector limb cast specimen - way cool
Item #9-GML
Texas Springs Nevada Petrified Wood contour polished specimen - Approx size 1.25" x 2" x 3.75" - 303.3 grams - $ 42.00

hubbard basin petrified wood Great Gallery Favorite
Item #10-GML
A great structured Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood cut & polished specimen - Approx. size tapered 4"x 4" x 3 " - 2.5 lbs. - $ 65.00

Hubbard Basin Nevada petrified wood Now this is one best!
Item #11-BB
A trippy Hubbard Basin Petrified Wood cut & polished oval slab - Approx size 7" x 10.5" x .75" - 2 lbs - $ SOLD

southern utah petrified wood An Extra fine specimen. This is really nice.
Item #12-SLN
Old heavy stock Southern Utah Petrified Wood cut & polished specimen & slab - Approx. size 4.5" x 5" x (3"1") - 1.5 lbs - $ S 125.00

A real beauty.
Item #13-GML

Blue Forest Light Blue Petrified Wood cut & polished specimen - Approx size 3" x 4" x 4" - 3 lbs. - $ SOLD

rainbow petrified wood large round cut & polished, Arizona Exquisite
Item #15-DM

A Masterpiece of An Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood contour polished large round specimen - Approx. size 14" x 18 " x 10 " - 220 lbs. - $ 2800.00 + Shipping & Handling

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