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Escalante Rock Shop Escalante, Utah USA
Owner self-quarantine stance

Escalante Rock Shop International Roadside Attraction is currently closed.
Please keep us in business by ordering online until things blow over.
(Escalante Rocks© Museum - Opens ? 2020 depending on the coronavirus)

Rock, Mineral & Fossil Rock Shop Specializing in Utah's Collector Rocks &
Petrified Wood &
located in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument,
one mile west of Escalante off Scenic Byway 12, below the Escalante Petrified
Forest State Park Campground.

1075 N. Reservoir Rd • Escalante, Utah 84726

Scheduled Season Opening (?) thru October 25th 2020
Open Daily • 9 am to 6 pm (but not always)
Winter hours - call for appointment

Remember, if and, when we do open:
Coronavirus preventatives are still required:
No hand shakes, hugs or kisses.
Forget elbow bumps and use hand signals for greetings & departures.
Stay home if you feel sick, are sick or think you might get sick.
Wash your hands about 30 times a day like our town organic grocer.
Keep your hands away from your face, nose & eyes.
Cover coughs, sneezes.
Keep a 2 meter social distance

Email  Phone 435-826-4796Wholesale

Petrified Wood Catagory  Crystals  Dinosaur Bone  Variscite  Obsidian
Jasper  Agate  Geodes  Moqui Marbles - Shaman Stones  Cabochones
coprolite bar  Rough Lapidary Materials  polished slabs bar  Miscellaneous
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Collector Petrified woods including (fossil fern, palm, extinct cycads, conifers),
agates, jaspers, dinosaur bone, coprolite,
cabochons, moqui marbles, thundereggs,
obsidian, variscite, geodes, rough, cut & polished slabs, tumbled stones, fossils,
minerals, crystals, semi-precious stones, gemstones, gastroliths & wonderstone.

Peace • Escalantees
, Susan Kay Jewelry©.

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hubbard basin petrified wood standup specimen

circle cliffs petrified wood specimen

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The photo gallery (album) displays favorite specimens.

See Rock Shop Customer Comments below and on Google:
"The petrified wood made it home in great shape.
Robin is thrilled with it and has received lots of compliments.
"World Class rock shop." Canyons B & B customer
“Your shop lived up to my name.” Jim Rock, satisfied customer
"Cool rockshop, cool adventure." B. Carlos Kieling, western artist
"You were a trip and so was the rockhounding." Bill N.J.
"Best Rock Shop I've ever been to." Kelton Shears, collector
"For madmen only, not for everybody." h.h. & Escalante Rock shop.

Unique specimens are continually being sold & added to the webpage.
us regarding items you are looking for, interested in or marked sold.

email us

Phone 435-826-4796

We Accept: Credit cards via PayPal, company checks, personal checks, money
orders, cashiers checks.

Return Policy: The purchaser has 3 days after receiving item(s) to contact
Escalante Rock Shop by phone or email if not satisfied with item(s).
Arrangements will be made for
item(s) return & refund.


Shipping & Handling: $ 8.30 for orders that fit into a USPS small flat rate box.
On orders that will not fit into small flat rate box, we will notify you by
email and request payment for additional shipping before the order is shipped.
International Orders are shipped USPS Global Priority flat rate.

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